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Talent Skout is a format for young music talents that are building themselves with hard work and passion. Forte? Fortissimo! TV wants to discover them and give them the chance to show their talent with a stage on the world. Talent Skout is a great opportunity to grow up and share your passions.

Talent Skout is video, backstage, competitions and much more. We would like to give visibility ONLINE, we want talent to be reached by everyone through our WEB TV and all the most popular social networks. Also we would like to build OFFLINE opportunities thanks to the collaboration of professionals and artists.


PIANO WORLD, competition for all pianists under 20!

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Piano World competition is the chance for all young pianists under 20 to show their talent. Discover everything about the competition: the entry rules, the jury, the categories and how to become the next PIANO WORLD TALENT!

The competition is also a chance for everyone to learn more about the Piano World. Discover the pieces and the compositors chosen by the international jury. Follow the young talents and enjoy the amazing place (Villa Melzi D’Eril) where the video promo will take place.

Experience concerts in an innovative way!

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LiveBox is live music. In this area of our website you can find many live music events. Choose the piece that you like, sit comfortably, listen and watch! You can choose your favorite performance and see it from different points of you.

With a high video quality and a perfect sound you will feel as if you were at the live event and even better. Experience Strong Music in a new way from your home, with your friends.

Discover something new with RECORDMANIACS!

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Recordmaniacs is for everyone with a strong passion for Strong Music discs but not only. In each episode Paolo Zeccara, one of the biggest collectors in Italy and discography expert, will bring you through an enjoyable journey around Strong Music world.

News, events, curiosities about LP, CD, compositors, pieces and much more to discover every time record news and curiosities around the music history. Believe us, you will love this format, its contents and most of all Paolo, his character and knowledge!

Strong Music from all over the world!

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World Wide Music is a format born to spread the Strong Music all over the world. Many the artists of Forte? Fortissimo! coming from different areas of the world to share their amazing cultures.

Follow Forte? Fortissimo! and his team to discover the Strong Music, amazing places, incredible instruments and the story of great musicians that have made music their reason for living.