Italian Ambassador Elio Menzione Interview

The role of cultural mission for an Italian Embassy in Berlin is stronger and more important than in other countries. I think it’s sad that a country like Italy, with its musical tradition, has not the teaching of music in school programs; in other countries it happens, why not in Italy? In Austria, Germany there are music courses in every scholar degree. In this period of economic crisis I have many doubts that it may happen that they will insert music in curricula studiorum. I think that projects like yours are very important, trying to bring young people to listen to Music through the social networks. I’m often in contact with italian soloists and young italian musicians of an extraordinary level.

Luckily we are a community of individualists so we can work even without a system. To bring young people to classical music we have to convey it, we have to introduce it in an attractive way. Even if I’m not young, I like to be surrounded by young people and it happens during concerts in Germany, while in Italy certainly it doesn’t.

Italy will always produce great musicians, luckily! You will always find an audience in the world but it’s a pity that now it runs like it was in Italy during XVII century: when the best talents had to go away and to serve other people.

Category: Testimonial

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