Jean Guillou and the greatest organ in France

Do you know Jean Guillou?
He is a legend!

Jean Guillou - Composer and organist


Forte? Fortissimo! TV went to Paris to knock to Saint-Eustache door where Jean Guillou spoke about music with us, with great courtesy and humility. He played wonderfully some pieces in exclusivity for FFF.TV with a final amazing improvisation at the consolle of the great organ, built in 1989 by J. L. van den Heuvel, following the tradition of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. This instrument with mechanical transmission (using Barker) has 101 ranks and five 61 notes keyboards: 8000 pipes and an incredible variety of sounds, like a symphonic orchestra.

Alessandro Marangoni – Art director
Stefano Sgarella – Director
Marco Olly Olivotto – Audio
Simonetta Bruzzone – Subtitles

Daniele Tobio
Giampiero Del Nero

Jean Guillou: “People have to learn to listen because often people hear but don’t listen! This organ has a very special history because an organ has been built here at the beginning of XIX century. Then in 1845 there has been a huge fire and the whole organ burned.
The population has been shocked and immediately began to raise founds to reconstruct an organ. Obviously the whole mechanical part has been changed and there has been many transformations throughout the years until the end of XIX century. When I arrived here in 1963 the organ was still under restauration and only in 1989 has been finally entirely rebuilt once again with my own ideas about it. In Paris this is the only instrument who has the keyboard in the nave and it is the only organ suited to play music with orchestras as well as with other instruments”.

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