Our journey has just started and we have great projects to realize. Our aim is to spread STRONG MUSIC all over the world, Strong Music, that music that strikes at the heart of people. We would like to get everyone in touch with its power, people that already love it and the ones who still don’t know it, through a new and original communication strategy!

Become a member of Forte? Fortissimo!

Choose the way to support our projects! You can partecipate as a passive member and invest in the association or you can be an active member and help us with your skills and ideas.

You can be:

If you are an ordinary member you can take part at meetings where you can share and discuss the association projects with other members.
Membership fee: 50 euros 

As a supporter you can choose in which of the projects you would like to invest your money, please do not forget for us all the projects have the same value and importance.
Membership fee: free 

If you think you are particularly talented in music and communication, don’t wait any longer! Join Forte? Fortissimo! Bring your skills in and work with us to make music Stronger and Stronger, day by day. Are you wondering what skills do you need to be part of our team? We are looking for passionate team worker people who would like to share and spread music in an original way.
Membership fee: none


Forte? Fortissimo! is waiting for you!