Music in Berlin with Avi Avital

Avi Avital speaks about Music in his city and in front of the Berlin Wall. In Germany many young people come to listen to concerts. Music in not for an elite but for everyone! It is a language that reaches everybody, every continent, every culture every people but we must communicate Forte Music in a different way!

During a sunny day,  Avi said:

[AVI] “There’s a big difference between art and entertainment. Art is amusing but it gives you something more: a spiritual component.

We’re in Berlin: this is really the european capital of culture and music.
I think that Berlin is living this magnificent phase: everyone talks about it! There’s a lot of space for art and also for artists that come here and want to create something. In my opinion Berlin now has the same function as Paris had at the beginning of the XIX century. Sometime I ask to myself why our generation finds so hard to go to listen to a FORTE music, an ART music concert. I think it’s up to us artists to communicate. I think it’s a matter of image: when someone thinks about concert’s concept it deals with old persons. Classical music’s image having to do with a certain élite is hopefully changing. It can’t be a coincidence that so many young people, really lots of young come to listen to concerts. It means that here people are open minded towards art and specifically contemporary art.

[ALESSANDRO] FORTE music can’t be unappreciated if it is known!

[AVI] When someone knows music and understands which is the component that gives him satisfaction, that gives to him that special more then he can’t dislike it. When we are on the stage we feel with a kind of antennas: we feel the public! There’s something religious in sitting in a concert hall with 3000 persons!
I – artist and the public are on the same level dealing with this experience a wonderful experience for both! And this is the moment that I – as an artist – won’t never forget.

[ALESSANDRO] The FORTE music is FORTE also because it breaks all the walls. It is a language that reaches everybody, every continent, every culture every people.

[AVI]  When this wall falls down a new thing borns, a broad mind borns, on which art may grow!

Alessandro Marangoni – art director
Stefano Sgarella – director
Simonetta Bruzzone – subtitles

Deutsche Grammophon

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