Nina Zaziyants


Nina Zaziyants was born on the 9th if July 1990. From 2001 to 2008 she sang at the Moscow Theatre of the Junior artists “Orfeus”.

In 2006 she become a prize-winner of the “Blue bird” Competition of young signers (Ukraine, Krym) and “The dream of romance” in the 2006 (Russia, Moscow).
She is the member of the “New names” fondation in Moscow.
In the 2006 she sang the opera “Orfeus and Euredice” (Orfeus) of Gluck and won a first-prize and the prize of the best role (Orfeus) at the international festival of theaters (Germany, Lingen)
In the 2008 she sang the Opera “Didona and Eney” (Didona) of Percell in the stage of Moscow theater “Orfeus”.

From 2007 till 2011 she was studing in the college of Moscow Conservatory of P.I. Tchaykovskiy. In the 2011 she sang the opera “Impressario in Augustie” (Doralba) of D.Cimarosa in the “New Stage” theater in Moscow.

From 2011 till 2014 she was studing in the Trento´s conservatory “A.Bonporti”.
In the 2013 she worked with the Verdi´s project of in the Theater of Pergine (Italy) and in the Bolzano´s theater “Cristallo” with the orchestra of Maestro Andrea Fuoli.
She was in Erasmus program in the “Hochschule für musik von Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden where she works with the “Dresdner Residenz Orchester” in Zwinger’s Marmorsaal.

In the July of 2014 she sang a role of Fox in the opera Janacek “Cunning little Vixen” in the Mezzano Musical festival (direttore of Metropolitan opera D.Jackson).
In the September of 2014 she wan the first prize and the prize of a public in the International Opera Competition “Cantanti in opera”.

In the April of 2015 she participated the workshop followed by Maestro Enrico Stinchelli and she was selected for the Taormina Opera Stars which would be in August.
In the October of 2015 she wan the role of Santuzza of the opera “Cavalleria Rusticana” (P.Mascagni) in the “Concorso Teatro Besostri”.

In the April of 2016 she made her debut in the opera of R.Leoncavallo “Pagliacci” in the role of Nedda.
Nina Zaziyants was invited by the one of the most prestigious Institutions like a Dolora Zajick’s “Institute for Young Dramatic Voices” in Reno (Nevada, USA) and she would go there in July of 2016.

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