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“A long life work”…that’s what Maurizio Pollini said during an interview at the end of 2014. 39 years: it’s the time period between the first and the last one Sonata by Beethoven, in 2014 to finish the complete recordings in a 8 CDs box for Deutsche Grammophone Pollini starts to record in a different way, which is opposite to an usual recording, as well as to a live performance logic, Indeed, during another interview he said: “I’ve always devoted myself to the music that I mostly loved in a certain period of my life, without any specific reason. That’s why I began to record the last sonatas, since I was mainly interested in them in the 70’s…” and now I could re-record them again. The one who remembers – like collectors do – the first Pollini’s recordings can remeber those covers of contemporary music such as Anton Webern, Schönberg, Stravinskij, Luigi Nono Bela Bartok with his great friend Claudio Abbado. In that period Pollini recorded Schubert Chopin but above all the last Beethoven’s Sonatas Then, only after 11 years, he recorded another CD on Beethoven’s Sonatas then, after 3 years, another one, then after 6 years, then after 5 years, then 4 then 6 until the conclusion in 2014.

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