The mission of our cultural association?!

The goal for Forte? Fortissimo! is to spread and promote Strong Music and musicians, without geographic and cultural barriers. Our purpose is to speak to all the music lovers and to help them to discover the rich and strong emotions that this art is able to donate. It’s a service to Culture through new technologies, using the power of the web, worldwide.


Our Web TV will have different FORMATS, with specific themes and targets, written and subtitled in several languages, turning to an international audience.


On the web, but telling real stories. Connecting people, sharing the joy to play and to listen to music, everywhere!


Because we dream and think that Music is an essential and important part of our lives. Important for our society, for our politic, for our children.

Follow us, day by day! FORTE? FORTISSIMO! TV

A service to Music and Culture.

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