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Forte? Fortissimo! TV, the new NON-PROFIT international Music WEB TV, is born! It’s for people who believe in the power of music, but also to new customers, especially young people.

The nameForte? Fortissimo! TV is inspired by the concept of Strong Music thought up by Quirino Principe. He says that Strong Music is the right way to refer to this type of music instead of the usual “classical music”, which is improper and misleading: “Strong” is the music that has the highest energy, capable of arousing emotions, ecstasy, strong feelings, like in the terrific dissonant chord that opens the last movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

Many projects have emerged in recent years with the same purpose. The main idea of Forte? Fortissimo! TV is to renew the way music is communicated, speaking the web language.

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